‘HOPE’ is a word that is in common use in everyday speech and is often used in a wide range of circumstances. The dictionary defines ‘Hope’ as follows:-
We may express hope in a number of ways. We hope for advancement, for example, in our career prospects. We hope for good news relative to a medical report. As parents we hope for the best for our children as they progress through their education and find their place in the world of work. We passionately hope that our sports teams are successful in winning trophies etc., the list is endless. The word ‘HOPE’ has a very strong part to play in the understanding of the message of the Christian gospel. During 2018, many Churches here in the U.K. are participating in a national initiative designed to share the message of the gospel; (gospel meaning ‘Good News’), to cities, towns, and communities the length and breadth of the nation. The core message of ‘HOPE’ has to do with the power of Jesus Christ to meet people at their point of need, and to give people hope as they face the challenges of everyday life. Churches are using all kinds of creative ideas with which to share this great message of hope and compassion.

We here at Elim Christian Centre are seeking to play our part with a series of events during the June/July period, including the transferring of our Sunday morning service onto the local Town Square. We are entitling this; ‘Church on the Square’. This will enable us to meet people in our community and to share with them this great message of ‘HOPE’. Our aim is not to promote our Church, although there is always a friendly welcome to those who are visiting us. Our main aim is to share that Jesus is the One who can bring HOPE and help to those who may at any given point be facing challenging circumstances.

Our prayer is, that as a result of HOPE 2018, many folk in all parts of the U.K. may encounter Jesus and find Him to be the One who can give them real HOPE and a purpose for living.

Greetings, and welcome to the web site of Elim Christian Centre, Glossop, Derbyshire, U.K. ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ is universally recognised as a phrase taken from the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples in response to their request that He teach them how to pray. In speaking what has been termed as ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. Jesus composed a prayer that is prayed by literally millions of people every day of the year. The prayer begins with reference to Father God and the power and majesty of His Name; ‘HALLOWED BY THY NAME’. The word ‘Hallowed’ means ‘Respected or Revered’. The prayer continues:-


Two years ago, Justin Welby; The Archbishop of Canterbury, felt led in partnership with other Church and Prayer Leaders to invite Christians here in the U.K. to pray this prayer and to participate in prayer events in the ten day period leading up to Pentecost Sunday. The invitation has gone out to people to unite in prayer under the banner of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. What commenced as a U.K. initiative has now gone global, and millions of people will be praying this commencing on Thursday the 10th of May and continuing up to Pentecost Sunday the 20th. The idea is for people to unite in praying for their nation, Church, local community, family, and for individuals. We here at Elim Christian Centre, Glossop, are hosting a United Prayer Service inviting the Churches in Glossopdale to come together in a service of prayer and worship. This will commence at 6.30 pm on Sunday 20th May.

In praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, there is a call for there to be a manifestation of the power, love, and compassion shown by our Lord Jesus Christ during the years of His earthly ministry. Jesus taught and demonstrated the values of The Kingdom of God and sought to reach out to people who were in desperate need. The mission of the Church today is to replicate the ministry of Jesus and to pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ through mission and testimony. Prayer is the most powerful tool at the disposal of the Church of Jesus Christ in her mission to make His power and love known to a hurting and confused world.