Rev Joy Willis

Worship Leader

Born in Caerphilly, Joy attended school and worshipped at the Pandy Lane Pentecostal Church until working for the Assemblies of God churches in their Home Missions team for a year post A levels.

Her grandfather helped to found Pandy Lane and her mother was a local preacher.

Even as a youngster Joy gave her heart to Jesus in 1967. She gained an interest in mental health and worked as an Occupational Therapy helper in Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff before commencing training as a Registered Mental Health Nurse in 1984 in Essex.

In 1989 She moved to Andover with her work and 6 months later met Alan. They married in 1992. Both felt that God was calling them into the ministry and commenced study at the Elim Bible College, Nantwich in 1993.

Their daughter, Ruth was born in 1994.

Alan and Joy worked as a team in a new work in Goldenhill, Staffordshire and later moved to Rayleigh in Essex.

Joy was ordained with Elim in 2004.

After a short time in Silverdale, Staffordshire, the family moved to assist and support the Glossop Church in 2006.

Since then Joy has focused on music ministry and now assists in the team leadership.